Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost got a first kiss

This little story happened when my friendship with the girl, MF, was going well, it was recovering after one of our many fall outs (most of the time she would get annoyed with me but those stories are for later). We decided that we both needed to get in better shape and more flexible so we would get together to stretch and just motivate each other. We met up and were just stretching and talking in a room where we were by ourselves. It was just small chat, nothing really special, if I remember correctly, it was about a book she was reading. Then, there was a slight pause, not a super long awkward one, just a noticeable pause before she asked, "Have you ever kissed anyone?" I was thinking, "Wow, where did that question come from?"

I am thinking if I should answer the question honestly since well, I never did kiss anyone or if I should try and be cool and say yes I did. I decide to be a loser and said, "Nope, I never have." She said, "Wow, really?" I said, "Yeah, I told you I never dated anyone." She says, "Yeah, but that doesn't mean you never kissed anyone." I said, "I'm 22 and I'm still waiting for my first kiss, that's kind of sad." She replies, "Actually, it's kind of cute." I asked if she kissed anyone and she said yeah, a few, I can't remember how many, maybe three. Then there is another noticeable pause before she says, "Would you like me to give you your first kiss?"

I sit there thinking, "Wait... did I just hear that right? The girl I am crazy about that knows I like her, but told me she doesn't like me, just offered to give me a kiss. This can't be happening..." So I am sitting there not too sure what to say since who even offers a kiss to someone they don't like? I would think no girl would, especially when she knows the guy likes or liked her and she doesn't like the guy. I really wanted to say yes since well, I was waiting for the chance to kiss her ever since I met her, but, it just didn't feel right. I said, "I'll think about it." She then said, "No, it's too late." I said, "What? Was there a time limit?" So after some joking around, she starts to say it's no big deal that I never kissed anyone and I was like yeah... whatever... so we go back to small talk, but kind of awkward small talk since we just talked about kissing each other.

Well, we are getting ready to leave and I am putting stuff away in my locker when she says, "If you really want me to give you a kiss, I can, it's nothing big, just a peck." I said, "No, it's fine." She says, "No, really, I can, seriously, if you really think it's such a big deal that you haven't kissed anyone before." I say it's really okay and she was like sure, okay.

It's been a little more than a year since then and I still haven't kissed anyone. I also still regret not taking that chance to kiss her.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You have really big eyes...

So, quick story. I was going to a friend's party and I said that I would not drink. Well, before I got there, I already started drinking from my friend's bottle filled with vodka/coke. When I get to the party, I start to drink from a wine bottle, then I saw my friend (J) who invited me to the party so I start to drink beer from her cup.

Then I saw a girl from class who is super cute, not that I was going for her or anything, no seriously, I wasn't, it was just a friend type of thing, you can find friends cute right? Well, I think you can. Anyway, she said, "Wow, from zero drinking, to partying all the time," and I was like yeah, I don't know what happened. She said, "We should take shots together," and I was like sure and another friend Nce said, "I want one too, I've been waiting for the day you would drink." Cutie gets some vodka and gives me a shot glass. Nce goes, "Hey, isn't that a double shot?" Cutie says, "No, it just looks like it." (Friends tell me it really was a double shot later on) She pours us all a shot, well two for me, and we take it. I chase it down with water with her and then right after we chased it down she goes, "Let's take another," and I said "Sure, why not?"

I take it and Nce goes, "NO! WAIT! OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL!??!?!" So I just took like 4 shots of vodka within 15 seconds. Not a good idea when you never really drank before and drank other random stuff beforehand. So then I start talking to Cutie and say, "Hey... what's your your etthnn ethniicity..." She says, "I'm Korean." I say, "I wouldn't have guessed that," and Nce says, "Yeah, me neither." She asked what we would have guessed. I said, "Japanese because you have big eyes... they're realllllyyy big eyes... such big eyes......." And she was like .....thanks..... Of course the whole time I'm saying you have such big eyes, I am squinting and pointing at my eyes like the girl has no idea what eyes are.

Wow... that was awkward... I can't believe I said that... I am not going to drink again.

Instead of hi, I said huu

So, to give a brief little background to this story. It was a friend's birthday (name is MF) and I was sitting around trying to think of a gift to get her. I remembered joking around the year before that I would get her salsa shoes and then I was like hey, why don't I get her salsa shoes. I found out she ordered some at a store so I was thinking I could just get them to refund her on her credit card and I could buy it. I was like wait, this might be kind of a crazy thing to do, let me check with friends. Other friends were like hey, that's a good idea. I thought okay, I'll do it, but I'll ask some other friends if they'll pitch in.

Yeah, okay, so I try to get the shoes, all this stuff happens, shoes don't happen, I mention it to MF and she said, "You're creepy." So, she said this many times in front of another friend of mine and that friend had to step in and be like no, he's really nice. Anyway, I get a call later from MF and she says, "I've decided I can't take it anymore, I'm not going to talk to you, you're creepy." I'm like uh... okay...

I'm in a dance studio with two friends setting up music at the stereo. MF comes in the studio to get a tissue. I look up from my iPod and start to say, "Hi," but realized, "Oh wait, she doesn't want to talk with me anymore," so I stand there with my mouth slightly open and make a sound like huu. MF is standing there with a tissue in my hand looking at me so we stare at each other for like 2 seconds and then we both look away, I went back to my iPod, she went off with her tissue. My two friends in the room were like umm.... that was awkward... I gave them the quick rundown of what was going on with MF and they said, "That's kind of funny she decides to come into this studio for tissue when there are two other studios she could go to." Yeah... awkward...