Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You have really big eyes...

So, quick story. I was going to a friend's party and I said that I would not drink. Well, before I got there, I already started drinking from my friend's bottle filled with vodka/coke. When I get to the party, I start to drink from a wine bottle, then I saw my friend (J) who invited me to the party so I start to drink beer from her cup.

Then I saw a girl from class who is super cute, not that I was going for her or anything, no seriously, I wasn't, it was just a friend type of thing, you can find friends cute right? Well, I think you can. Anyway, she said, "Wow, from zero drinking, to partying all the time," and I was like yeah, I don't know what happened. She said, "We should take shots together," and I was like sure and another friend Nce said, "I want one too, I've been waiting for the day you would drink." Cutie gets some vodka and gives me a shot glass. Nce goes, "Hey, isn't that a double shot?" Cutie says, "No, it just looks like it." (Friends tell me it really was a double shot later on) She pours us all a shot, well two for me, and we take it. I chase it down with water with her and then right after we chased it down she goes, "Let's take another," and I said "Sure, why not?"

I take it and Nce goes, "NO! WAIT! OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL!??!?!" So I just took like 4 shots of vodka within 15 seconds. Not a good idea when you never really drank before and drank other random stuff beforehand. So then I start talking to Cutie and say, "Hey... what's your your etthnn ethniicity..." She says, "I'm Korean." I say, "I wouldn't have guessed that," and Nce says, "Yeah, me neither." She asked what we would have guessed. I said, "Japanese because you have big eyes... they're realllllyyy big eyes... such big eyes......." And she was like .....thanks..... Of course the whole time I'm saying you have such big eyes, I am squinting and pointing at my eyes like the girl has no idea what eyes are.

Wow... that was awkward... I can't believe I said that... I am not going to drink again.

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